Why you should not miss to contribute your BDG tokens this week?

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You can still receive 10% bonus on all contributions you make to the BitDegree platform!

To participate in the BitDegree token sale, head to the official BitDegree website, contribute to the BitDegree platform and immediately receive your BDG tokens! The 10% bonus deal will only be available until 13:00 UTC on Friday December 15, so time is limited!

Looking for more? By simply sharing and promoting your unique referral link on social media, websites, or via email, you will earn a 5% token commission on all transactions made to BitDegree via your link! To earn extra BDG tokens, all you need to do is to sign up or login to your account, get your unique referral link and share it on internet.

The BitDegree limited amount token sale ends on December 29th — contribute today, earn your bonus and most importantly, do not miss out!

As way of ensuring the successful transaction of Ether, it’s very important to set your GAS limit to 200000, and the GAS price to 120 Gwei or higher. Discover more about GAS limits and prices here. Also we really recommend that you use ERC20 compliant wallets and avoid making transactions from exchanges or multi-signature wallets. This ensures that you do not miss out on the chance to participate in the BitDegree token sale!

If you have any questions about BitDegree token sale or the referral program — drop us a message on Telegram, our team is working live 24/7!

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