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Hello everyone this is Andrius announcing the Success of the BitDegree Crowdsale!

Several hours ago we have successfully reached our hard-cap and have raised 32 thousands Ether, distributed all three hundred and thirty six million tokens to more than 12 thousand unique backers which is a record number in the crypto world.

In this short period of time we caught the attention of millions on social media with lots of views on our posts. We’ve scaled our Telegram community to nearly 15 thousand members.

We have established ten partnerships. 2 beta courses are already launched on the BitDegree platform.

Refferal program is now completed. BitDegree developers team has nearly finished building a mass token distribution tool that will be open sourced on our Github! Crypto community will be able to use this tool to generate thousands of Ethereum transactions in minutes.

Process of distribution of airdrops, referral tokens, bounties will be completely automated. All participants will receive their tokens by the end of January.

Today I would like to thank all our community in the name of the whole BitDegree team for your contributions and unconditional support — we couldn’t have achieved this much without you.

Now, let’s move on to our top priority questions:

I know that everyone is waiting for information regarding exchanges. We will share any announcements when things are ready and can be shared.

Second. Tokens will be unlocked and freely movable between wallets on January 12th.

Third priority is development of instructors area — a sneak-peak is already available on our Twitter!

Attracting more partnerships to create more courses is what BitDegree is all about. These are top priorities of BitDegree for the next month.

From 2018 we will be doing monthly roundups. This way we will deliver you bigger and better news! The first monthly roundup will reach you by the end of January.

Also, it’s been an intense period for the whole team, that’s why majority of our staff is taking a planned New Year’s vacation till January 15th. This means that Telegram will be temporary frozen to avoid spam. On January 15th the team will be back with fresh minds and ready to build THE BitDegree learning platform.

It’s only getting started, stay curious!

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