Very important: set these parameters to be sure your transaction is completed in time

bitdegree blockchain ethereum instruction

Due to the high demand for BitDegree tokens and the recent global blockage in the Ethereum Network, it’s very important to set the correct GAS parameters to ensure the successful transfer of your Ether whilst contributing to the BitDegree platform.

In order to ensure your transaction is successful and delivered on time, set your GAS limit to 200000, and the GAS price to 120 Gwei or higher. If your transaction is pending, we recommend you to re-check your GAS limit and Gwei parameters, then repeat the transaction. This is very important.

The clog in the Ethereum Network is the result of a huge transaction spike in the blockchain network. This is due to a massive overload coming from a certain project, which puts huge technical demands on the amount of Ethereum transactions processed. Currently, 12% of the entire network has been filled by this project, which is targeted at visitors on Ethereum.

During the opening hours of the BitDegree token sale which began last week, its soft-cap was rapidly met, demonstrating that the BitDegree token is in a very high demand.

Only till Friday afternoon, BitDegree is offering very a limited number of tokens with a 15% bonus! With only a limited number of BitDegree tokens in circulation, it would be a big loss if you missed out on obtaining your BDG tokens and the chance to join the BitDegree blockchain learning foundation.

Contributions to the BitDegreee platform can be made using Ether, the Ethereum crypto (ETH), or with any other cryptocurrency via Tokenlot. The only thing you need to do to get yours is to set up an Ether wallet and follow the GAS and Gwei instructions above! You will receive your BDG tokens after your transaction is completed.

Discover more about the benefits of becoming a BitDegree token holder, and become part of the BitDegree platform here!

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