Time to give back to the community!

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The BitDegree team is always listening to our community feedback, requests, and criticism so we have something we would like to share! There has been a lot of attention caught by us “freezing” our telegram chat during holidays and how we did it.

While focusing on the BitDegree platform itself, the awesome developers behind BitDegree have also made a couple of useful tools for us to use. One of those tools is the telegram-freeze-bot which can be found on our GitHub. We used this bot to freeze our chat during the holidays, this bot deletes new messages and can be whitelisted so only a particular member/admin of a chat can write new messages.

Our developers also created a tool to mass distribute BDG tokens for Bounty campaigns, referral programs etc. This is our TokenRocket tool which can also be found on the BitDegree GitHub.

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