The Second Gamified Course by BitDegree is Now LIVE! Learn HTML & CSS

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We have released our second gamified course mirroring a similar style to the Space Doggos course we’ve released earlier. Start this course to learn HTML & CSS, create your first website and then host your website online for free! The course is free for a limited time, so take your chance and start learning now!

Learn HTML & CSS with Space Doggos 2 here!

1. We Combined Theory, Practice And Visual Results

We’ve already released our online learning platform with over 100 courses. Most of them are available in video format. However, we want to explore and test other course formats, such as novel gamified courses.

BitDegree wants to make online learning fun, enjoyable and teach skills that you will need in a real life job scenario. Hence, our focus is on creating gamified course material that incorporates theory and practical application at the same time.

Our second gamified course was created by teachers, designers, programers, gamification experts and writers all working together and this is a stepping stone of how we image a fun and informative course of the future. You can learn more about our vision for the future here.

2. What Will You Learn?

Space Doggos HTML&CSS edition will allow you to learn the basics of web development and you will have your own website up and running by the time you finish the course. This way of learning allows you to measure your knowledge and have a visual representation of your achievements. You will have your own website, with a domain name that other people on the Internet can access. And all of the content within the website will be programmed by you.

3. Connect With The BitDegree Team

We kindly invite you to join the discussion on the BitDegree subreddit! Please let us know what you think.

BitDegree Learning Platform Suggestion Thread

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