StormX CEO Status Update 2.17.2018

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Hello Storm Community,

The StormX team has made significant strides over the last several weeks and I wanted to take the time to share a company update to the StormX Community with some more details of our more recent developments.

STORM Token 90-Day Lock Up Period

I realize that there have been some concerns regarding the increased amount of tokens in circulation and I want to take a moment to clearly address this for everyone:

We started this journey in planning out our STORM Token Crowdsale back in May 2017, and we’ve had many supporters who have helped make our Crowdsale successful. Some of our earliest believers participated as early as June 2017, before we even had a final published whitepaper. In addition, we’ve had many strategic contractors, partners, and advisors supporting our project who have not been compensated at all since mid-2017.

We published a blog post on February 7 that proactively explains that the STORM Tokens would be released from the 90-day lock-up (blackout period) to these three categories of recipients:

  1. Presale Participants
  2. Partners and Consultants
  3. STORM Token Advisors

Some of our Presale Participants and Advisors are not only STORM Token holders, but also actual investors as equity holders in StormX, Inc. They have played, and continue to play, a big role in the development and evangelism of the commercial viability of our StormX. We continue to work closely alongside with our advisors to help bring to the world the first decentralized gamified micro-task marketplace.

The Storm Market Roadmap… is Coming Soon!

Andy Kleitsch upleveling how product development works at StormX.

As many of you may know, a big win for the company is that we recently brought on Andy Kleitsch as our Vice President of Product. Andy comes to us with a long successful history of developing various mobile commerce and payments applications. In just a few short weeks with our team, Andy has played a significant role in helping map out the future vision of Storm Market while also bringing in more of that “Amazon” intensity and organization to the team culture.

With the recent addition of Andy, the team has been working diligently over the last several weeks to provide the public with a comprehensive product roadmap. One thing we have learned from our prior experience building startups is that there are many external market forces that will affect the overall journey of any company — which may potentially dictate change, cause pivots, and maybe even alter a business model. It is of the utmost importance to us that in communicating the roadmap, that we are able to deliver on as many of our promises to the community as possible and that we continue to focus on our mission of enabling users to earn anywhere, at anytime, from any device.

A New Alliance Is Coming

Over the last several weeks, we have been in conversation with several companies in regards to accepting STORM Tokens on their respective platforms. One issue that many cryptocurrencies face today is that they lack breadth in usability and fail to provide users with practical ways to use them. Next week, we will formally announce an exciting new opportunity that will not only increase the overall utility of STORM tokens, it will enable those who like to travel (in style) with a whole new way to use STORM tokens!

Over the last three years, we have had the opportunity to connect many traditional companies to blockchain by using Storm Play as a platform to reward users in cryptocurrency. We continue to seek out new partners that are interested in accepting STORM tokens to help provide our growing 350,000+ monthly active users with more great ways to use their STORM Tokens.

The Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain SuperConference

Simon Yu (CEO), on the schedule to speak at The Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain SuperConference.

As I write this, I am in Dallas, Texas for The Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain SuperConference where I will be speaking on a couple of different panels discussing ICOs and the current scalability issues that face many companies in the blockchain space.

While in Dallas, I will be connecting with members of the StormX Strategic Advisory Board, as well as meeting with several potential strategic partners to continue to amplify the growing community network of StormX evangelists.

If you are here at the conference, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter (@SimonYuSEA), or on Telegram (@Simon_StormX). I personally love getting to meet our StormX supporters whenever I can, so please do not hesitate to reach out.

Our Upcoming AMA with Simon, Arry, and Andy

Next week, on February 21st, we will be holding an AMA with Arry (COO), Andy (VP of Product), and myself. If you have any specific questions, please submit them on the STORM Token Reddit Page.

As always, the best way to get in touch with the StormX Team is by joining our Telegram (LINK:


Simon Yu, CEO StormX, Inc.

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