STORM Token Update: 90 Day Lockup Status

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Hi, StormX community:

Quick update on the STORM Token 90-day lockup tokens. There are three categories of recipients that had a 90-day lockup:

  1. Presale Buyers — The STORM Token purchasers from the Limited Private Presale (before August 2017) were given a bonus for their early participation in the upcoming STORM Token Crowdsale.
  2. Partners/Consultants — These are vendors that helped amplify the network effect and/or help with marketing and business development. Several of these partners were announced during the STORM Token Crowdsale (see prior blog posts and press releases for more details.)
  3. STORM Token Advisors — The advisors that have helped with more of the execution of various needs for StormX, not just advising.

We’ve sent out email notifications to all of the presale buyers today to kick-off the process since the 90-day lockup period has come to an end.

Thank you.


Arry Yu, COO of StormX.

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