STORM Token Crowdsale Status 12.13

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Daily report: what’s going on with the STORM Token Crowdsale close out.

Dear STORM community:

This is a message to everyone to let you know that we’ll be doing daily reports to let you know what is going on now that the Crowdsale is closed. It’s not over, until it’s over.

Today is Wednesday, 615AM. Today, our goal is to continue to send out as many STORM Tokens as humanly possible (and as carefully as possible). We got a LOT done yesterday (Tuesday) — more details below. It’s ALL-HANDS-ON-DECK for the StormX team. This is a team sport.

Couple things to remember: 1) we will be working on Crowdsale close out activities until December 15, 2017 as quickly as we can, and 2) ** don’t forget about the Storm Drop, the airdrop for unsold tokens (Storm Drop Eligibility requirements here).

STORM Token Distribution Status:

Here’s the order of events that is planned to happen on STORM Token distribution.

  • ETH Participants: DONE in Real Time!
  • QTUM Participants: DONE on Dec 11, 2017!
  • Private Presale Participants: DONE on Dec 11, 2017! (except 1 person who hasn’t had a chance to verify his wallet address).
  • IN PROGRESS = Bounty Participants: IN PROGRESS! We started the distributing to those that had confirmed yesterday (December 12, 2017). We’ve given everyone until end of day Tuesday (December 12, 2017) to confirm their information. We are reviewing change requests to the Bounty Spreadsheet and making those updates as they are approved. Ping Derek (Telegram @DerekH425) with any feedback or questions, please.
  • NEXT Storm Play-ers: NEXT UP! We will likely finish by Wednesday, December 13, for over 13,000 people. Because both Bounty and Storm Play-ers are in the thousands of people (almost 20,000), we have been working on final tests to the STORM Token distribution methodology. It’s ready to go now.
  • LAST = Founders/Employees/Advisors/Consultants: After everyone else is complete, these will be taken care of last.

Find us in the official STORM Token TELEGRAM (FYI: this will likely become our one and only channel soon), to ask questions, have conversations, or give feedback. We’re here to help.



COO StormX, Inc.

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