Raising Soft cap the first day, Bonus tokens available till Friday | Weekly Roundup

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Brief story:

  • Crowdsale is on — first week’s bonus ends on Friday.
  • Soft cap raised in just a few hours!
  • Answers to community’s most asked questions.
  • Referral program is upgraded — get even more tokens!



This is Andrius and this is our weekly roundup!

We have just started our Crowdsale! 600 people already contributed to the project and we’ve reached our soft cap in just a few hours, distributed more than 18 million tokens, that is equal to around 800 000 dollars, and it’s only the beginning. If you have not contributed yet, go and check it right now. There is a limited time for 15% bonus.

I would like to answer community questions I have received during last 3 days.

The most asked questions are:

1.How to participate in crowdsale and to get BitDegree tokens while it’s not ended?

First of all you need to sign up at bitdegree.org and just follow instructions provided on the screen. There you will find simple tutorials on how to prepare your Ether Wallet, get Ether into it and receive BDG tokens.

2. When will I receive BDG tokens?

After transaction is completed, you will receive tokens instantly. Easiest way to check your tokens is with etherscan.io. All instructions are inside your personal crowdsale page. Simply sign in!

3.Will BDG tokens be listed on crypto exchanges?

BDG tokens will be tradable in 2 weeks after the crowdsale ends. All exchanges will be publicly named in the period after crowdsale.

Referral program is open! After lots of requests from BitDegree fans our team have just developed and released profitable referral program. Get 5% of the amount your friend contributes in BitDegree! This means now you can earn even more.

Share your personal link with your friends everywhere. When your friends participates in the BitDegree crowdsale, we will track transaction and calculate your earnings. Sign up on our website BitDegree.org to get more details.

Want to Meet BitDegree team live? Come and share your thoughts with us at Moontec blockchain conference. We will be there till December 5th.

Don’t miss your chance, join the crowdsale NOW.

These are the news for today and see you!

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