Q&A with Arnas Stuopelis, Hostinger CEO and BitDegree co-founder

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Arnas Stuopelis is the CEO of Hostinger, an internationally-recognized web hosting company. Hostinger is also BitDegree’s main partner and co-founder. Hostinger was founded a decade ago. It has since blossomed into a company that turns over millions in revenue per-year. It employs 250 staff in offices operating on three of the world’s six continents.

Hostinger has backed the BitDegree project to show the benefits of pursuing a BitDegree course of study. Hostinger also hopes that the tie-up with BitDegree will provide a real example of how BitDegree makes employee talent acquisition easier for businesses through its revolutionary application of blockchain to the recruitment process.

However, the relationship between BitDegree and Hostinger is not just about supporting the BitDegree project simply because of Hostinger’s belief in the need to reinvent education and the employee recruitment process.

Hostinger promises to accept BitDegree tokens (BDG) at their sale price in exchange for the equivalent value in web hosting services for the first year of BitDegree’s operation. This means that BitDegree token holders can be 100 percent sure of their token’s value, because it is backed by Hostinger services. Read more about this topic here.

In the Q&A below, discover how Arnas predicts the future of the BitDegree and Hostinger collaboration, how Hostinger provides BitDegree with a 29 million strong user base, how its backing ensures the value of the BitDegree token, plus his views on the importance of BitDegree having a real backer to use as a successful case model to other businesses.

Why did you decide to join BitDegree?

I didn’t actually join BitDegree, because I am one of the co-founders. BitDegree CEO, Andrius Putna, has already told you about when we were on a 000webhosting business trip to India and the BitDegree idea was born. We already knew that our users were eager to learn new I.T. and tech skills, in particular web development. We noticed we had a huge amount of users who come and use our free web hosting platform to learn. It’s fair to say that I have been very much involved with Bitdegree from the initial phase to where we are now.

How does Hostinger ensure the value of the BitDegree token?

As a company, Hostinger sees huge value in giving scholarships to BitDegree users who are learning new I.T. and tech skills via a BitDegree program. These skills can later be used to develop and publish websites. By cooperating with BitDegree, we also see the partnership as a way for Hostinger to attract new customers. By way of accepting BitDegree tokens in exchange for our web hosting series, we believe this will allow BitDegree users to apply their newly acquired I.T. and tech skills. Additionally, we believe that with our backing, other companies will see that the BitDegree course of study and our its token based ecosystem are both viable models and will begin working with BitDegree. Another thing is that we want to encourage the Hostinger community to support BitDegree.

Will you continue to underwrite the value of BitDegree tokens after one year?

After one year, we think that BitDegree will be self-sustainable. After this period, Hostinger will then review its commitment to BitDegree. For now, Hostinger has a one-year long commitment to BitDegree, and we will stick to that.

Why do you think it is important for a company like BitDegree to have a company that underwrites token value?

It is important for BitDegree’s credibility to have a real use case with a real company that generates real revenue. Hostinger will be the first true example of how a relationship between BitDegree and a real business can develop. After seeing the outcome of the BitDegree/Hostinger tie-up, we hope more businesses will partner with BitDegree and benefit from supporting online education in the way BitDegree does.

From a purely Hostinger perspective, we believe our tie up with BitDegree will attract millions of new users to BitDegree and Hostinger, because we feel that BitDegree is the future for online education. It benefits students who will receive scholarships from us, and it provides businesses with a new way of hiring talent. Furthermore, it attracts new users to Hostinger services, as well as new I.T. talents to our team.

How is Hostinger’s user base of 29 million users related to BitDegree?

Since Hostinger was founded, it has built a user base of 29 million users. Thousands of new users join us each day, and according to lots of our internal researches biggest amount of them are true learners who simply want to learn new web skills and experiment online. Even for them we have created world biggest free web hosting platform 000webhost, where learners have full environment to experiment their new skills. We will promote BitDegree as a blockchain based learning tool to these users.

We want to be first example of the BitDegree token model and ecosystem actually working. I predict that when others see what BitDegree and Hostinger have achieved together, many other companies will be queuing to join BitDegree.

Looking to the future, how you see the future relationship between BitDegree and Hostinger developing?

The future is bright! I think BitDegree will become one of the most popular education providers in the world, and we would like to continue working with BitDegree in some way. As I said, we are accepting BitDegree tokens in exchange for our hosting services, and we will recommend BitDegree to our users who want to develop their I.T. and tech skills.

As for Hostinger as a company, we are planning to hire new employees through the BitDegree platform. We are growing, and we have offices in Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, Ukraine, Cyprus, and Lithuania. In 2018, we are opening a new office in India.

What I am saying, is that BitDegree is an extremely promising way for us and for other companies to hire employees.

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