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INS Ecosystem plays an important role in introducing the Direct-to-Consumer model into the grocery and consumer goods industry, being one of the most important trends in retail industry in 2018 according to Forbes.

As DtC continues to gain momentum, retail magazines, such as Retail Week are increasingly interested in discussing what’s around the corner for the whole industry and provide their readers a sneak peek into the future of retail.

In this interview for Retail Week INS Ecosystem Founder, Peter Fedchenkov, provides just that — an insight into the problems that plague the retail industry now, such as lack of access to accurate consumer data for the manufacturers and failure of conventional retail to provide it.

“Manufacturers have finally realised that consumer data is everything,”

“Retailers have made a great push into big data — Tesco Clubcard being one of the pioneers — getting a lot of data on consumers and leveraging that for their own benefit.

“Manufacturers realise that if they don’t find a way to get more real-time information on their consumers, their business could be under significant pressure in the next decade or so.” — said Peter Fedchenkov.

The article does a great job explaining the key strengths of INS Ecosystem approach and provides use examples of INS Token. Peter also speaks about the future of INS Ecosystem and hints at the directions in which the platform will start its expansion. The article also touches upon the topic of ever-changing consumer values and preferences, underpinning the importance of innovative solutions such as INS Ecosystem.

We strongly suggest you to read the interview, it’s a highly-recommended read for those interested in INS Ecosystem and the retail industy in general.

The full article is available here:

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