Pavel Scherbinin hired as Chief Technology Officer at INS Ecosystem

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We are proud to announce that Pavel Scherbinin, former CTO of Media Projects at Mail.Ru, joins INS Ecosystem as Chief Technology Officer.

Pavel is a top-notch engineer with extensive experience in managing high performance development teams. He has world-class hands-on experience in architecture design and development of large scale highload systems. He is passionate about cryptography and tackling business problems with the power of blockchain, smart contracts and related technologies.

In his previous role at Mail.Ru, Pavel has been managing over 40 developers designing architecture of projects with over 1 million requests per minute. Mail.Ru is a leading Internet company in Eastern Europe listed on the London Stock Exchange with market capitalization of $7.9 billion.

In his crucial role at INS Ecosystem, Pavel will be aided by our advisor Milo Sprague, former CTO of Silicon Valley Bank. Milo is based in San Francisco and has over 30 years of leadership experience in infrastructure architecture, R&D and adoption of innovative technologies.

See Pavel’s profile on LinkedIn:

Dmitry Zhulin, Co-founder (left), Pavel Scherbinin, CTO (center), Peter Fedchenkov, Co-founder (right)

“Pavel is one of the strongest CTOs in Russia and globally. We were looking for an extremely talented professional for this position and we are thrilled that Pavel has decided to join our team!”

— Dmitry Zhulin, Co-founder of INS Ecosystem

“I’m extremely excited to join this ambitious project that aims to disrupt one of the biggest consumer markets. With great pleasure I take up the challenge of bringing blockchain technology to a real-world platform and I’ll do my utmost to ensure rapid development of the INS Ecosystem.”

— Pavel Scherbinin, CTO of INS Ecosystem

We’d like to thank our previous CTO Paul Yakshankin for all the great work he has done for INS Ecosystem as a CTO and wish him lots of success at his new role as a Backend Dev Lead.

*Mail.Ru Group is the largest Internet company in Eastern Europe and world’s number 7. Their portfolio includes among others: (Vkontakte),, Delivery Club and several prominent (online) games: Armored Warfare, Skyforge, Perfect World.

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