BitDegree Talent Acquisition, Interview with Agnė — Head of People

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BitDegree is an ambitious project that requires ambitious people to succeed. Scouting for talent and passion is no easy task, it’s hard to get a feel for a person in just a couple of hours. However, nothing is impossible, successful people breed success, and Agnė is excellent at spotting success. My mission is to hire & […]

Why We’re Going Live at Consensus 2018

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The Marketplace is coming – along with some other cool stuff Late last week we revealed that we will be launching our data Marketplace at Consensus 2018, a major conference for blockchain projects. We were hoping we could wait before making it official, because we wanted to tell the world about one more thing. Early Friday […]

The Second Gamified Course by BitDegree is Now LIVE! Learn HTML & CSS

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We have released our second gamified course mirroring a similar style to the Space Doggos course we’ve released earlier. Start this course to learn HTML & CSS, create your first website and then host your website online for free! The course is free for a limited time, so take your chance and start learning now! Learn […]

News: Ruuvi & Streamr partner to create world’s largest, monetised, open-source sensor community

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Erecting a building, one that will stand the test of time, starts with the slow, long and inglorious work of digging and laying solid foundations. When it comes to forging business partnerships, the equivalent process means meeting, discussing, testing, brainstorming and strategising before finally, both parties are ready to tell the world that by joining […]