Orca Alliance joins BitDegree, Cryptocurrencies Fundamentals MVP is live! | Weekly Roundup

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Brief Story:

  • Cryptocurrencies Fundamentals course MVP by Ethos.io available on the BitDegree platform.
  • Attention beginners! Course about most popular cryptocurrencies to be created by Orca Alliance.
  • BitDegree team takes a few days off during holidays — no chat support December 24th — 26th.


Hello Everyone!

This is Andrius and welcome to BitDegree’s holiday roundup!

Firstly, I want to mention that during Christmas period the team is taking a few days off.

This means that from December 24th to 26th BitDegree Telegram and Facebook channel admins will NOT be answering the chat and messages. During this time the risk of fraud and spam increases. That’s why we encourage you to take extra precautions and double check any information that you receive, especially if it concerns you backing the BitDegree project. Read our Frequently Asked Questions, where all important information regarding our project is provided.

Golden rules to follow:

-We NEVER write you private messages with any offers

-We have no ‘special holiday sale’ discounts.

-Trust only our official website bitdegree.org

-Read Frequently Asked Questions as most of them are already answered

I am really happy with the progress of the project! Our partner Ethos.io has just finished their course MVP and now you can start learning the crypto and cryptocurrencies fundamentals on the BitDegree website! Free & open to everyone!

Also, I would like to announce one more exciting partnerships for BitDegree.

We’ve recently teamed up with Orca Alliance — a new and promising blockchain-based community platform with the goal to mainstream crypto. Orca team will create a course about most popular cryptocurrencies that will help more people around the world enter the crypto world. This is a huge step forward in expanding the crypto community.

Speaking about BitDegree community, I would like to acknowledge everyone who is taking place in our bounty campaign and shares a good word about our project. All your contributions helped us reach millions of people, catch attention of crypto world celebrities such as everyone’s beloved Suppoman. We are approaching six thousand unique token holders which shows how appreciated BitDegree project is.

I want to say thank you to the whole community from all BitDegree team, wish everyone happy holidays!


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