MoUs Signed With Leading Dutch Brands

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We at INS Ecosystem believe in the importance of Direct-to-Consumer (also known as DtC) model in the grocery and consumer packaged goods space. Forbes recognized DtC and INS in particular as #1 retail trend of 2018. More manufacturers stress the importance of DtC for their long-term strategy. We are enabling them to market and sell their products directly to consumers through the INS Ecosystem.

We are thrilled to announce the signature of MoUs with the following leading manufacturers from the Netherlands:

  • Zijerveld, supplier of cheeses and related products with more than a century of professional experience. It specializes in the production of North Holland cheese, Dutch farmhouse cheese and goat’s cheese. Acquired by FrieslandCampina in 2013, it has continued to operate under the Zijerveld brand, and has grown to a €400m venture.
  • Gulden Krakeling, producer of cakes and waffles with 40 years in business. It delivers the tastiest biscuits throughout the Netherlands under Gulden Krakeling, Bakkernij and Banquet of Crul brands.
  • SoPure, a new brand of healthy fruit and nut bars and raw chocolate from Les Chevaliers BV. SoPure’s products are available internationally in supermarkets and are sold online at company’s website.
  • Bake Five, the organisation of 15 industrial bakeries in the Netherlands.

“The INS Ecosystem presents a unique opportunity to target the ever-changing consumer while also ensuring that our products maintain the highest quality. We are very excited to take part in the retail revolution and offer consumers increased flexibility, further choice, and relevant rewards. The bespoke marketing opportunities through the direct-to-consumer loyalty program on INS Ecosystem are a particular highlight. We believe it will bring us significant benefits in the form of higher ROI when compared to traditional methods of advertising,” said Bob Sars, CEO of Bake Five.

“As the proportion of millennial and generation Z shoppers grows, shopping habits and purchasing trends are evolving. These customers are passionate about supporting smaller, artisan brands. Digitally native, they want to build relationships with brands and help them develop greater products through instant, two-way communication.

Similar to airline miles or hotel loyalty points, INS tokens serve as the means of reward in the grocery space and are distributed to consumers seamlessly, without costly back-office involvement.”

— Peter Fedchenkov, INS Ecosystem Co-founder

In signing the MoUs with INS Ecosystem, Zijerveld, Bake Five, So Pure, and Gulden Krakeling join a number of large manufacturers that are actively exploring the possibility of using INS Ecosystem to sell their products directly to consumers.

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