Monthly Update — February

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In February the INS team has been focused on developing new partnerships to guarantee the successful launch of our Direct-to-Consumer Ecosystem. This months progress is extremely important for the future development of our project.

Working on New Partnerships

The INS business continues to be well received by the manufacturers and fulfillment providers.

The INS team has had productive meetings with a multitude of major FMCG companies, where we explained our direct-to-consumer ecosystem in detail, answered questions and effectively taking the first step to sign them on to our platform.

This month’s highlight was the trip of Peter Fedchenkov and Dmitry Zhulin to London, where they had meetings with:

  • Kraft Heinz’s Head of Online.

Kraft Heinz Company is the world’s 5th biggest food & beverage company in the world with $26.5bn annual turnover.

  • Vice President of Clorox and their General Manager in Europe.
Peter Fedchenkov in The Clorox Company office

The Clorox Company is an American manufacturer of consumer and professional products with $6bn sales. 8,100 employees worldwide and #453 on Fortune 500 list.

  • Furthermore they were given the opportunity to present our platform extensively 50 min. presentation at the British Brands Group annual meeting.

That was attended by the representatives of the world’s leading grocery brands like Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser, Mars, Henkel and many others.

Full video of Peter Fedchenkov’s speech is available on YouTube.

The team continues its work with leading manufacturers from the UK, Europe, US and Australia as well as smaller challenger and millennial brands.

New Listing

The INS team continued its work on INS Token liquidity. In February the INS Token was listed on Coinrail, which is the first Korea-based exchange where our coin is listed. Getting new listings is an ongoing activity, so stay tuned for more.

Company Update

This month we’ve updated Company’s positioning on our website: it became more business-oriented and informative, it’s not an ICO website any longer. Please be welcome to check it at:

Team Update

We’re also working hard on recruiting talented professionals to our team and we are happy to announce our new Chief Operating Officer — Asan Kurmanguzhin, another Harvard Business School MBA.

Asan is an executive with global operational experience at different general management positions. Previously, Asan was the Global Head of Driver Operations at Gett, a leading global ride sharing company. Before that, he was an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company.

Asan Kurmanguzhin, INS Ecosystem Chief Operating Officer

“I am glad to join INS and its incredible founding team. We have great things to do and hopefully my operational experience in scaling unicorn start-ups will be helpful to get INS off to a great start in 2018”

Community Update

The February Airdrop for token sale participants has been distributed. Please, check your wallet via Token Transfers tab.

More details and Airdrop schedule:

What’s Next?

In March we are expecting to share more results from the big work that was done in the previous months. We are establishing unique partnerships in the space of fulfillment and will update our community on that in March, that will be cruisual for INS project development. Follow us on social media and our announcement channel on Telegram to keep up with the news!

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