March Monthly Update

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Welcome to INS Ecosystem development digest of March. We have made a great headway with the development of the INS platform. The INS blockchain development team, lead by a renown cryptographer Dmitry Khovratovich really did a tremendous job in nearly completing the core platform architecture. For all you coders out there: keep an eye out on our Github.

Technology development is at the center of our platform, but since we are a real-world project, it’s equally important to have real products on our platform and real fulfillment services to get those products to our consumers’ doorstep. Hence our drive for partnerships!

In March Peter Fedchenkov, INS Co-Founder, was a keynote speaker in the UK’s biggest retail industry event — Retail Week Live 18, preparing a ground for industry partnerships. On top of that the INS team has had lots of fruitful official and informal meetings with leading grocery companies (Stay tuned for upcoming announcements).

A quick recap of what we’ve done this month:

  • INS Platform development update
  • New Airdrop Rules
  • Partnership with PostNL
  • Peter Fedchenkov as a keynote speaker at Retail Week Live 2018
  • Video of Peter Fedchenkov’s speech at British Brands Group meeting is available
  • Joining the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
  • Meeting with Diageo’s European Executive team in London
  • INS Recruiting

INS Platform development

Since December 2017 the INS Ecosystem’s development team is working full force on the INS platform and they have made great had headway. We’re happy to report the near completion of the core platform architecture.

We are now set to focus on development of the other parts of the platform: the consumer and fulfilment apps and interface (Q2) and development of the SDK (Q3) Furthermore we will release a private alpha version of our platform to selected partners and clients in the next weeks; a public beta will follow soon thereafter in Q2 2018.

Soon you’ll be able to follow the status of the INS Ecosystem platform development yourself on GitHub after updating is finalized next week.

New token buyers can also participate in the INS token airdrop starting from Apr 1, 2018!

After many requests from our community, we have decided that faithful INS supports, who weren’t aware of the INS project at the token sale stage and bought INS tokens on exchanges after token sale end, also deserve their stake of the airdrop.

Instead of the planned 200,000 INS monthly airdrops for token sale participants on April 30, May 31 and June 30, we’ll do a single distribution of all the remaining airdrop tokens (600,000 INS) on July 2, 2018. This distribution will take into account ALL INS token holders’ wallets, including those who didn’t buy during the token sale and purchased tokens later.

New Airdrop rules are published in our blog. Please read through the rules carefully.

Partnership with PostNL

For providing quality warehousing and reliable logistics, INS Ecosystem signed a partnership with PostNL, the leading e-commerce logistics provider in the Netherlands, who will be distributing the goods sold on INS Ecosystem.

About PostNL:

PostNL is the Netherlands largest national logistics operator worth $1.75 Bln on AMS. With its extensive network and 46,000 employees, PostNL processes 555,000 parcels daily in the Benelux — the company also delivers nine million letters daily in the Netherlands only. Operating in 13 countries across Europe, PostNL is the second largest delivery service in Germany and Italy. Considering the Netherlands blooming €1 billion EUR e-grocery turnover, PostNL aims to become the primary food logistics provider in the Benelux. PostNL has developed a high-quality last-mile food delivery network in the Netherlands comprised of 18 hubs and 3500 vehicles.

Watch video, explaining the partnership.

Joining the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

To collaborate with blockchain industry leaders and share the best practices INS has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, a prestigious alliance set to connect the most innovative companies in the space with Fortune 100s and various high level vendors, partners and experts.

Retail Week Live 2018

After the British Brands Group meeting, INS team has continued to work on raising brand awareness and finding new partners in the UK. Peter Fedchenkov, founder of INS Ecosystem was featuring on the Flagship stage at Retail Week Live 2018 with a session exploring “What would grocery shopping be like without grocers?”

Retail Week Live 2018 is the premier gathering for leaders in the UK retail industry.

Watch full video of Peter’s speech here

Peter Fedchenkov’s speech at British Brands Group meeting

Full 50 minutes video of INS Ecosystem founder’s speech at British Brands Group meeting with a detailed and updated explonation of INS Ecosystem concept is available on Youtube.

Click here to watch full video

Meeting with Diageo’s European Executive team in London.

Peter Fedchenkov, INS Ecosystem founder has met with Diageo’s European Executive team in London explaining the benefits of direct-to-consumer and blockchain in the grocery and consumer packaged goods supply chain. Diageo is the world’s largest producer of spirits, beers and wines. The company’s portfolio includes such brands as Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Baileys, and Guinness.

INS Recruiting

After recruiting star COO (Chief Operations Officer) Asan Kurmanguzhin, the whole month INS team has been carefully selecting star CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and CPO (Chief Product Officer). Within the next month we will announce the new team members on these positions.

What’s Next?

As said, in April we are going to update INS Ecosystem on GitHub and as always you can expect some interesting announcements. We can’t give away too much yet, but we among other things we are finalizing partnership with an innovative company in the fulfillment space with cutting-edge technology.

Follow us on social media and our announcement channel on Telegram to keep up with the news!

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