Livestream with Jeff Burton the co-founder of Electronic Arts

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If you have any questions, you want to ask the BitDegree team you can do so by joining our LIVE event. The event is taking place tomorrow, Feb 22nd 11 am GMT+2 (Lithuania time). Jeff Burton, co-founder of Electronic Arts and the key advisor to BitDegree, will share his experience of how startups are built in Silicon Valley. Jeff will share the story behind the success of Electronic Arts. Later, he will join the heads of BitDegree in a panel discussion on what lies next for the BitDegree project.

You can find the even by following this link

Jeff Burton, the co-founder of EA, is no stranger to building successful companies. It’s our privilege to have him speak in our offices that are located in Kaunas. After all, we have so much to learn, so much to ask and having someone with an incredible amount of experience is indeed a fantastic opportunity for us to grow!

Jeff Burton shares our vision that education is outdated. Education stood in place for too long, and it doesn’t reach as many people as it should. The internet can provide educational material to an incredible amount of people, and we should be utilizing this resource. Our mission at BitDegree is to reach millions of people and give them the tools to succeed!

Jeff Burton is a firm believer in edutainment (the combination education and entertainment). Here at BitDegree we share his view. Games are fun, and people can learn much easier when you give them a goal. Games provide people with practical skills and make the education process very enjoyable. That is why we set out to create as many gamified courses as we possibly can. We don’t want to use the old and dull study material. BitDegree intends to make Your education fun and exciting. We wish for our users to build an actual skill set that they can use to find a job.

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