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Dear community,

Thank you for giving us some time to rest, we really needed it after the intense end of the year. While most of the team is coming back next week, some of us were working hard regardless. Here’s what we are up to:

1. BDG tokens are unlocked January 11th at around 19:10 UTC time. This means that they have become transferable..

2. Some of our community members not only requested for BDG tokens to be be listed on exchanges but also went ahead to do it themselves (kudos to them). Therefore, we are currently dealing with some exchanges and will let you know some good news soon!

3. Our team is now puting a major effort in order to comply with the authorities. It is a tough job and in many cases we are answering questions that were never asked before. However, we are happy with the progress so far.

And here is the most exciting part — we are supercharging our team and capacity to deliver on our promises. And delivering is what we do best!

4. As promised in our roadmap, Q1 2018 is when we will deliver dozens of best-in-class tech courses. We are finalizing a number of partnerships that will be announced over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Lastly, we have a favor to ask you, our dear community. If you know some amazing courses that the BitDegree platform should have — let us know. If you know some organization with whom we should partner in creating courses or listing their courses on BitDegree — give us a shout. We welcome your suggestions at .

Stay amazing, exciting year like never before is ahead of us!

The BitDegree team

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