INS Token Available On Radar Relay

blockchain erc20 ins-ecosystem token

We’re happy to share an interesting update :
INS token is now fully enabled for trading on Radar Relay and can be found here:

Radar Relay is a very innovative service, it enables users to trade ERC20 tokens directly without middlemen. Radar Relay is a relayer that uses the 0x protocol to host an off-chain order book of individually signed orders.
Here is a list of its main features :
– No need to deposit assets
– No withdrawal limits
– Off-chain orderbook
– Interoperable
– Wallet integration with Mist, Metamask, Parity

Radar Relay team consists of business leaders, financial experts, engineers, and creatives, working with the community to onboard the world to the token economy. The company is based in Colorado with a distributed team across the United States.

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