INS Ecosystem Weekly Update #7

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We had a productive week, and have been working on ongoing Token Sale. Today, we would like to update you on our latest announcements and news:

Forbes: Direct-To-Consumer is One of Next Year’s Retail Trends — In 2018, more businesses, and grocery brands in particular, will look to bypass retailers and integrate direct-to-consumer model into their operations. Here, INS Ecosystem is seen as one of the key drivers of the DtC market and a focal point of cutting-edge technologies: from supply chain management to blockchain to inter-chain liquidity and more. In fact, we have already signed MoUs with major FMCG companies and hundreds of grocery manufacturers interested in the concept and technologies behind our platform.

Civic Partnership will Enable Identity Verification and Protection — Civic, an identity management service, is one of the leading blockchain startups that has raised $33 million in a public token sale. Civic will help us safeguard the identities of our valued customers and prevent fraud. Its technology will allow for on-demand, secure and lower cost identity protection via multi-factor and immutable authentication.

Milo Sprague will Join Our Advisory Board — Mr. Sprague, CTO at Silicon Valley Bank, will join us in early January as we move towards an active development stage of the INS Ecosystem. He has over 30 years of leadership experience in financial services and infrastructure. Previously with Morgan Stanley, Capco and Sequoia Strategy, Milo Sprague held IT Leadership positions, recruited diverse technical teams, managed complex cross-divisional programs and provided CIO advisory services for technology industry clients.

2 MoUs Signed: Henri and 100%eco Will Join the INS Platform — Two Dutch manufacturers agreed to sign our memorandum of understanding and join the INS Platform as soon as it is launched: Henri is a ready-made meals producer, in business since 1979; and100%eco, a wholesaler operating as a Cascades distributor focused on sustainable hygiene and tissue products.

INS Ecosystem Token Sale: Week 3 — As we are moving towards reaching our target raise of 60,000 ETH, there is a way to get extra 5–10% bonus on December 18th and December 19th. Here is a video guide on how to buy INS tokens via our Token Sale Platform and pass KYC. Please, contact us via our 24/7 Q&A Telegram group if you have any questions, and we will be glad to help out every single contributor to complete their purchase.

Our Token Sale is open.

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