INS Ecosystem Global Update #8

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This Monday, we reached the target raise of 60,000 ETH. Today, we are proud to share the highlights of our Token Sale and a brief recap of recent partnerships and news.

INS Platform: How it Works for Consumers — The food industry in its current shape is inefficient. It is dominated by major retailers — they decide how food is priced, promoted and sold. This results in bargaining power abuse and food waste, and in the end, consumers and manufacturers pay for it out their pockets. We believe that shoppers and suppliers deserve to have their voices heard. For us, the Direct-to-Consumer story is personal. Moreover, it is one of the latest trends in retail, so we are confident in its future.

INS Ecosystem Token Sale — Our Token Sale had been rated by industry experts and maxed-out credibility and attractiveness scores. The interest was overwhelming, and we received massive contributions from premier cryptocurrency funds, together with tremendous support from our global community. In fact, we managed to raise up to a half of the hard cap in just 4 hours, and confirmed the upcoming INS token listing on multiple exchanges, such as HitBTC and Livecoin. A few other top-20 exchanges are TBA.

Our Infrastructure Solutions & Partners — During the course of the Token Sale and its preparation phase, we partnered with the blockchain technology sector leaders, such as Bancor, Ambrosus and Civic. These companies offer visionary blockchain-based technologies that enable continuous liquidity, efficient supply chain management and identity protection. We are thrilled to be working together with these world-class companies and are looking forward to deploying their tech in production. In turn, a couple of days ago, we uploaded our initial prototypes of the marketplace and fulfilment center worker apps to mark the start of the INS Platform development.

Grocery Manufacturers Joining Us — The Direct-To-Consumer model gains traction as more manufacturers express their interest in it. We have signed MoUs with Borjomi, 2Sisters Storteboom, Aviko and multiple independent producers including a member of CAPEBE coop. from Latin America. In total, up to 100 global and local manufacturers are expected to join the INS Platform. At the moment, we are in talks with more businesses and manufacturers that contacted us during the Token Sale.

INS Ecosystem Advisory Board — We are proud to have seasoned industry leaders and professionals on our Advisory Board: from Eyal Hertzog (Co-Founder and Product Architect of Bancor) to David Wachsman (Founder & CEO of Wachsman PR), and a whole range of globally recognized experts that have worked with us throughout the entire preparation process and helped to conduct the INS Ecosystem Token Sale.

Thank you all for your support! See you in 2018!

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