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Consumer preferences and values are quickly evolving nowadays and the world’s leading brands such as British American Tobacco, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser, Mars, Philip Morris International, Henkel and many other British Brands Group members are gathering in London on February 20–21 to discuss the trends in the industry. The meeting is taking place at Museum of Brands.

We’re proud to announce that Peter Fedchenkov is taking part in the meeting of British Brands Group on February 21 as an invited speaker to present INS Ecosystem. Considerable interest has been expressed by the meeting participants on what INS Ecosystem can offer to efficiently reach customers, gather feedback from them, understand their preferences. The world’s leading manufacturers are increasingly interested in exploring the advantages of our platform as a solution that will enable them to do just that, while also selling their products directly to consumers at lower prices.

About British Brands Group:
Founded in 1994, British Brands Group is a non-profit membership organisation dedicated to championing brands in the UK. Its objective is to ensure that the UK is a great place to create, build and sustain brands and that brands’ positive contribution to consumers, the economy and society is better understood by policy makers and others.

Its members include leading brand manufacturers of all sizes that gather to discuss issues affecting brands in the UK. British Brands Group is the UK arm of AIM ( the European Brands Association ) and part of an integral network of similar national organisations around the world.

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