ICO “Hall of Famers” Ethos to create “Introduction to crypto and cryptocurrencies” course

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ICO “Hall of Famers” Ethos to create “Introduction to crypto and cryptocurrencies” course for BitDegree

Good BitDegree partnership news! BitDegree has signed a partnership agreement with blockchain-based cryptocurrency platform, Ethos. The agreement means that Ethos will create the “Introduction to crypto and cryptocurrencies” course, which you will be able to take on the BitDegree platform.

Ethos was previously known as “Bitquence”, and is regarded by the crypto community as “ICO royalty” thanks to its Ethos token being ranked amongst the world’s top 50 ICOs.

Ethos’ aim is simple — to make the cryptocurrency market accessible to everyone around the world by using blockchain. This is largely the same as what BitDegree wants to do with education, so it’s no surprise that with similar objectives, an agreement to cooperate was reached.

The “Introduction to crypto and cryptocurrencies” course is made up of 8 lectures covering all the basics that you need to know about the cryptocurrency world. By the end of this course you will understand what cryptocurrencies are, how they work, why they have value, and how to use them. Furthermore, you will receive a checklist so that you can analyze any other crypto token in the world.

Earlier in his career, Ethos’ co-founder, CEO, and all-round tech and crypto whizzkid, Shingo Lavene, used free web hosting services offered by BitDegree’s partner company, 000webhost. Check in with us soon to discover more about Shingo, his experience with 000webhost services, and how he sees the future of the BitDegree/Ethos collaboration.

Once the course is ready, we will definitely invite you to come and enrol. In the meantime, keep checking our blog for the latest BitDegree news.

Don’t forget that if you’ve got any questions, come by for a chat with us on Telegram.

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