How to use ETH to buy BDG on the NexChange platform.

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How to use ETH to buy BDG on

I’ll be using MyEtherWallet for this example. A guide on how you can create a MyEtherWallet address can be found here .

  1. Go to MyEtherWallet and click on “Send Ether & Tokens”, access your wallet using one of the provided methods. Copy your account address. Yours will be different than the one shown in the picture. It’s very important that you copy this address correctly, your funds will be transferred here. Keep this page open for later.

2. Go to, in the “Deposit” tab select ETH and type in the amount of ETH you would like to spend, in the “Receive” tab select BDG, then click “Get Started!”.

3. Type in the wallet address you copied in step 1 into “Your BDG Address” line, double check if this is indeed the address you copied in step 1. Click on “Confirm & Place Order”.

4. You will see this screen. What you need to do now is copy the address and the amount of ETH shown.

5. Go back to MyEtherWallet that you should still have open in a separate tab. Fill in the “To Address” and “Amount to Send” with details from step 4 and click “Generate Transaction”.

6. That’s it! Once Nexchange gets the order, they’ll send out the BDG tokens to your wallet address.

Note: this tutorial shows how to use ETH on Nexchange, other currencies are also available. Just follow these steps but use respective wallets for different currencies.

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