Here’s 3 reasons why you should hold on to your BitDegree tokens!

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With the BitDegree token sale starting on December 1st, we believe that the BitDegree token (BDG) will become one of the most distributed tokens in Ethereum network! Below are the main reasons why you should hold on to yours BDG.

BDG is the world’s first token with a 100 percent GUARANTEED fixed exchange rate.

Hostinger, the main BitDegree partner will accept BDG tokens in exchange of its services. The exchange rate is 100% fixed to crowdsale price for first year: 1 BDG = 0.04 USD — the rate you contributed during crowdsale. This is a guarantee that your tokens will be exchangeable in equivalent to Hostinger services to the fixed price.

Hostinger’s backing means that BDG holders will ALWAYS be able to exchange their token for Hostinger services that are the worth the value that ETH held on the day they were used to contribute BDG. Token holders can do this at any time.

If this is still not clear, don’t worry! We’ve simplified things: at the time of writing, one ETH is currently worth $480.92 USD. Hostinger’s backing marks this value. Using this current exchange rate, the token holder will always be able to exchange their BDG for $480.92 USD worth of Hostinger services, even if the value of ETH drops below what it was worth on the day it was used to obtain BDG.

Course discounts for token holders

BitDegree plans to give token contributors the opportunity to receive a time-scaled discount on all BitDegree courses. Therefore, those who contribute tokens during the upcoming token sale may receive the chance to spend less on courses in the future, because the discount — if issued — will be dependent on how long the token is held.

A growing network of internationally-recognized partners

During the final quarter of 2017, BitDegree began to build an advisory team of internationally-experienced advisors from the fields of education, gamification, academia, and product management. During this period, we also signed agreements with Zcoin, SingularityNET, and Nexchange. These agreements were made in order to develop mutually beneficial courses about cryptography, Artificial Intelligence, and smart contracts. These courses will create additional value for BDG holders, because they can be exchanged using our token.

If you have any more questions for us, send an email to, or feel free to have a chat with us on Telegram!

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