Ethos and Thomas Frey team up with BitDegree, 100 millions of tokens distributed | Weekly Roundup

bitdegree bitquence blockchain ethos and Thomas Frey team up with BitDegree, 100 millions of tokens distributed | Weekly Roundup

Short Story:

  • 7 thousand contributors participated and over a hundred millions of tokens already distributed!
  • teams up with BitDegree to build Cryptocurrency Fundamentals course.
  • Founder of the DaVinci Institute and former engineer for IBM joins BitDegree.
  • 5% token bonus is on — rush to get yours. Available only till Friday!


Hey Everyone,

Welcome to BitDegree’s roundup!

BitDegree token sale continues to scale! During the second week, we’ve distributed already over 100 millions of BitDegree tokens.

Today, I would like to announce two really exciting partnerships.

First, BitDegree joined forces with — also known as Bitquence. Ethos mission is to make the daunting cryptocurrency market accessible to everyone, accelerate adoption of blockchain technology and democratize ownership of cryptocurrencies.

This partnership means that soon you’ll be able to enroll in Introduction to crypto and cryptocurrencies course created by Ethos on the BitDegree platform. The course will be completely free and open to everyone, so keep an eye!

Fun fact! BitDegree’s and Ethos story goes way back — the CEO of Ethos Shingo Lavine was a an early user of 000webhost, one of our main partners project. 000webhost helped him make first steps into web development. And I hope today Bitdegree will help thousands of people worldwide to make first steps into crypto.

10 years ago 000webhost made web development accessible to everyone for free. With the same team spirit and similar goals BitDegree is going to accelerate adoption of blockchain technology to the masses.

The second one is our latest advisor — Thomas Frey, the Senior Futurist at the DaVinci Institute, and Google’s top rated Futurist Speaker. More than 20 years ago, Thomas founded the nonprofit DaVinci Institute with the goal to unite a global community of thinkers and doers in order to build tomorrow’s leaders. His speaking audiences ranges from high level government officials to executives in Fortune 500 companies including NASA, Disney, Siemens, Visa and many more. Prior to this, Thomas was an engineer with IBM for fifteen years.

His addition to the advisory board means that BitDegree has access to form the future of education forthcoming.

These are our latest news for today, don’t miss the last crowdsale bonus and follow our news!


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