Earn 5% from each referred transaction — fully refreshed BitDegree Referral Program is open!

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New BitDegree Referral program is your autopilot crypto-machine of passive earning.

Now with refreshed BitDegree Referral Program you’ll earn even more. Simply by sharing your personal link with your friends on social media, e-mail or websites will profit you 5% from each transaction made via your link.

Once a person referred via your link or banner signed up & contributed at least 1 ETH, you will automatically earn 5% of his contribution, that will be converted into BDG tokens after crowdsale.

Even if referred person has only signed in without any contribution, you will instantly earn ONE stake of tokens! The pool of the stakes is 200 000 BDG tokens and all stakes will be converted into tokens after the crowdsale. If you’re wondering what stakes are and how they will be converted to tokens, read more about it here.

So we give you an opportunity to earn on both situations without any risk.

Participating in the New Referral Program, how it works?

Let’s say John signed up for the Referral program and by the end of the crowdsale, in total, he referred 5 people. One of the 5 people contributed 100 000 BDG tokens.

So, what does John get?

  1. Firstly John referred 5 people, so he earned automatically 5 stakes. Let’s say that other participants referred 995 more people, so in total we have 1000 people which equals 1000 stakes. The token pool contains 200 000 BDG tokens, so 1 stake = 200 000 tokens / 1000 stakes = 200 tokens. So if, 1 stake = 200 tokens, 5 stakes = 5 x 200 tokens = 1000 tokens. From the Referral pool John earned 1000 tokens.
  2. Now, let’s not forget that one John’s referred person got 100 000 BDG tokens and John earned 5 % of that sum: 100 000 x 5% = 5000 tokens. John earned extra 5000 tokens, just from one referred person.
  3. In total, John earned 6000 (5000+1000) BDG tokens simply by sharing useful information with his friends.

From our daily practice we can assure you, that most of your friends will be more than happy of hearing about BitDegree even while you earn. Blockchain and Crypto is the most trending topic worldwide and lot’s of people are just starting to hear about it.

Don’t miss out on this profitable opportunity, go to BitDegree.org website, sign up or log in to your account, get your personal link and start sharing it with people. Get your ultimate share of the BitDegree tokens passively!

The referral program ends when the crowdsale ends, on December 29th or when the hard cap is reached. Tokens will be distributed in several weeks after the crowdsale ends.

Have any questions? Join us for a chat!

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