Don’t miss out — claim a 15% bonus on your BitDegree tokens today!

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This week is the last chance to receive a 15% bonus on BitDegree tokens (BDG) you contribute during our token sale!

Only a limited number of 336.6 million BitDegree tokens have been released to the public, and we do not want you to miss the chance to earn a huge bonus on the tokens that will lead BitDegree in success of reinventing education from the ground upwards.

If you contribute during the week commencing December 8th, you will earn a bonus of 10%. If you participate in crowdsale the week starting December 15th, you will earn a bonus of 5%!

BitDegree tokens can be obtained using Ether, the Ethereum currency (ETH), or with any other cryptocurrency via Tokenlot. The only thing you need to do to get yours is to set up an Ether wallet! You will immediately receive your BDG tokens after transaction is made.

The BitDegree token sale will end on December 29, 2017. So join the BitDegree token sale today to get your discounted tokens!

More questions? Send us an email to, or simply drop in for a chat on Telegram!

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