CodeAcademy and BitDegree partnering up!

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BitDegree is constantly moving forward and is hard at work signing prospective partnerships. Today we’re really excited to reveal our newest partner from Lithuania — CodeAcademy!

CodeAcademy has already proven themselves to be a great school if you want to have a career in IT. Teaching such courses as front-end development, cyber-security, full-stack development, web design (UI/UX). These courses are being led by seasoned designers, programmers and incredible teachers that understand how the market has changed and what sort of skill set is needed in 2018.

Boasting an impressive team of around 60 various IT professionals, they’re constantly trying to make education more affordable and available to everyone. CodeAcademy organizes various free promotional events that teach people how to present themselves to employers, they have open discussions with people about work ethics and what it takes to land a job after finishing your studies. With CodeAcademy being so invested in education, that they even provide scholarships, and special programs for kids to start their careers in IT, it’s really no surprise that we’ve partnered up.

As of today, we’re proud to announce that CodeAcademy will be creating courses for the BitDegree platform. We will work together in order to create the next generation of IT experts. Our goal at BitDegree is to help everyone that’s interested in their personal and professional growth. CodeAcademy is just one of many upcoming partnerships that will let us do so. All of us here at BitDegree are incredibly excited to be working together with CodeAcademy and we hope all of you are eager to start your careers and become the worlds’ leading experts in IT.

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