Blockchain-based Identity Verification and Protection: Civic Partnership Confirmed

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We are delighted to partner with Civic, the leading identity management service. It offers a visionary blockchain-based identity verification technology and allows for on-demand, secure and lower cost access to identity protection.

The integration of the technology and Civic’s phenomenal expertise will make it possible to safeguard the identities of our valued customers by authorizing their use on the INS Platform in real time via multi-factor and immutable authentication, and instantaneously prevent fraudulent transactions.

The Civic team have a peerless reputation when it comes to providing tangible solutions that correspond with the ever-changing threats to personal data online.

INS Ecosystem is unquestionably strengthened by the addition of their expertise and systems.

— Peter Fedchenkov, Co-founder of INS Ecosystem

This partnership will further our efforts to offer the most secure and transparent retail ecosystem possible.

As one of the most exciting disruptions the grocery sector has seen, we are proud to play a part in the INS Ecosystem. With hacks and fraudulent activity at an all-time high, protection of one’s online identity is of vital importance.

We believe this partnership will provide highly technical solutions that respond to the challenges associated with online transactions of today.

— Vinny Lingham, Co-founder and CEO of Civic

To date, we have received strong industry support from leading cryptocurrency investors and interest from global brands, largest manufacturers and hundreds of independent suppliers.

This allowed us to confirm the need for a decentralized ecosystem that would directly connect grocery manufacturers and consumers around the world.

With a hardcap of 60,000 ETH, we managed to secure 20,000 ETH (softcap) in less than 60 minutes of our Token Sale, and are now approaching 90% of the target raise. The funds will be allocated for R&D, infrastructure, operations, marketing and legal services, according to our roadmap.

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