BitDegree on HitBTC, First Gamified Course, Community Q/A | Monthly Roundup #002

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The 2nd BitDegree monthly roundup has been released. You can watch it here:

Two major announcements that we talked about in the video were:

  • The BitDegree tokens will be listed on the HitBTC exchange platform.
  • We’re releasing our first gamified course called “SpaceDoggos”. You will be able to learn the basics of solidity by playing SpaceDoggos. We plan to update and release new content for SpaceDoggos in the future.

We’ve decided to change the format for this monthly roundup. The video is longer (19minutes) because we wanted to address a lot of the questions our community had this month. The 2nd Monthly Roundup is the first video to feature Ignas. Ignas is currenly working closely with our community in order to keep everyone informed on what BitDegree is working on.

We went ahead and gathered some questions from our Twitter, Facebook and Telegram channels. The CEO of BitDegree, Andrius answered all of the most popular questions we had this month.
Please let us know if you prefer this format where we answer questions at the end of the month. We’re still looking for the best way to do our monthly roundups, so feedback is appreciated!

You can follow BitDegree on social media (Twitter, Facebook), and you are always welcomed to come and have a chat with us LIVE on our Telegram :). We’ve also started a new Telegram channel reserved for latest news only, so if you’re always interested in the latest BitDegree news, you can join here!

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