BitDegree Monthly Roundup #1

bitdegree blockchain exchange news roundup

Hello, everyone, this is Andrius from BitDegree with our first monthly roundup!

First and foremost our main focus is to reach our roadmap goals. As of now, the team is focusing on new partnerships to reach the goal of high-quality online courses. Meanwhile, backend team is working on BitDegree platform my top priority is to expand the team.

We have already started the distribution of tokens for all bounty campaign, referral program, and airdrop participants. Everyone who provided profile details have already received their tokens. Distribution should be fully finished by February 15th.

For those who are still waiting, be sure to register on website and provide the same Ethereum address as was used in the bounty campaigns.

While these are the main goals, the team is also listening to the community feedback. This had led us to focus on the faster listing of the BitDegree Token on exchanges. Currently, BitDegree Tokens are listed on Idex, Nexchange, Tidex. More exchanges are coming soon, will be announced when possible.

We have also decided to participate in the Binance Community Coin Of The Month competition. Once the official announcement from Binance will be published, the BitDegree team will inform our community through all of the social media channels available. Stay tuned.

Next week we will be participating in Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore on February 4–6, so please get in touch with us there.

The community channel on Telegram will also receive some changes. BitDegree will have a separate announcement channel for news and announcements coming from us and we will leave the main chat for community conversations with some light moderation. The link to announcement channel is in the description below.

One more thing, a lot of community members asked us to share the code of Telegram Bot to freeze the chat. This was done using the telegram API and we have already shared this software on our GitHub. We have also open sourced massive token distribution tool called TokenRocket. Everybody is welcome to use these tools as we are happy to give back to the community.

Keep up to date with BitDegree progress by following us on all social media.

This has been the first addition of our monthly round-up videos that will become a tradition on the first day of every month.

Thank you and,

Bye Bye!

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