BitDegree makes “first of many appearances in Silicon Valley”

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Good news! BitDegree has made its first appearance in the United States at the Venture Summit in California’s Silicon Valley. And who better to take BitDegree to the United States than our Major Advisor, Electronic Arts co-founder, and Silicon Valley Veteran, Jeff Burton.

The Venture Summit is organised by One Traction. The summit allows emerging startups to pitch their big idea to attending Fortune 500 VC’s, global corporations, and top investors who have combined revenues of over $1 trillion in sales, $100 billion in investment funds, and 1 billion in potential end users.

Following BitDegree’s reputation boosting win at the 2017 Moonrise competition, we sent Jeff along to introduce ourselves and show how dedicated we are to reinventing education with blockchain.

Here is a short Q&A with our man in Silicon Valley about our Silicon Valley debut, and what we hope to gain from it!

BitDegree: Hi, Jeff! Why do you think it’s important that BitDegree attends the Innovation Venture Summit in Silicon Valley?

Jeff Burton: There is an impressive list of leading investors and active Silicon Valley personalities who will be attending. We want to get BitDegree in front of those people and others who would be motivated to come hear them. Plus the subject matter of the Summit includes the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and even education.

BitDegree: In your opinion, how will we benefit from attending?

JB: We hope that presenting our unusual approach to education online and the perfect fit with smart contracts and Ethereum will motivate attendees to explore the opportunity to purchase BitDegree tokens.

BitDegree: As a Silicon Valley veteran, do you believe that we would benefit from One Traction’s support, or are we doing enough to generate enough interest in what we aim to do?

JB: I believe that it is important to get as much exposure in Silicon Valley as is possible. In our case, “more is better.” Silicon Valley tends to wear blinders against what is going on in the rest of the world. One Traction is just one of the groups that can have a beneficial effect on BitDegree in Silicon Valley.

BitDegree: What do you believe makes us a standout blockchain attendee at IVS?

JB: BitDegree is actively proving that it has merit as a concept among broad, world-wide audience without the artificial inflation of itself through the participation of Whales in its token sale. There are very few of such companies at IVS, and I doubt any will appear who have the approval of a country’s central bank as a utility token. That is a unique advantage of BitDegree.

BitDegree: How much further credibility does our first appearance in Silicon Valley give to the our platform?

JB: This will be the first of many appearances in Silicon Valley, and each one will build the credibility that BitDegree so richly deserves in the areas of Education AND Blockchain both in Silicon Valley and the world.

So, thank you for your time, Jeff, and thank you for taking BitDegree stateside to Venture Summit! In the meantime, we’d like to remind all of you BitDegree fans to not forget that if you contribute to the BitDegree platform this week, you will earn a 5% bonus on your contribution!

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