BitDegree is releasing our first gamified course

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Start playing SpaceDoggos on the BitDegree website!
The team has been hard at work for this past couple of months. We’re proud to announce that we’re releasing our first gamified course — SpaceDoggos!

You’ll be able to learn the basics of Solidity. Solidity is a programming language that’s used in developing smart-contracts on the Ethereum network. Solidity is an incredibly new programming language. It’s still fresh, and there aren’t many experts in the field. Take this chance to be one of the first people to master Solidity and showcase your skills in the job market.

Just as promised we’re releasing this course for free. There are 10 chapters for you to complete. We’ll be adding more functionality and chapters in the future. Use this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Solidity programming language or just look at the cute dogs we’ve drawn!

Releasing our first gamified course to the public is a significant milestone for us. We’re both incredibly excited and nervous for the future. We hope that SpaceDoggos will be one of the first steps many future Solidity experts take. A big thank you to all of our supporters. We hope you’ll enjoy playing SpaceDoggos as much as we’ll enjoy creating content for the game.

Remember that this is still an early version of the course. If you have any feedback, suggestions, we’ll gladly hear you out. Contact us via social media, email, telegram.

You can follow BitDegree on social media (Twitter, Facebook), and you are always welcomed to come and have a chat with us LIVE on our Telegram :). We’ve also started a new Telegram channel reserved for latest news only, so if you’re always interested in the latest BitDegree news, you can join here!

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