BitDegree is expanding! Two newest members of the BitDegree Team

bitdegree expanding hiring team

Yesterday (22nd of February) we had Jeff Burton, the co-founder of EA share his insights on what’s required to make our business a success. He talked about how building great things take time, and one of the most important things you need to do is surround yourself with people that are better than you. Hiring people that are smarter than yourself and developing the best is the surest way to the top. No one can succeed alone, and other people have a tremendous influence on the way we work and behave. We want to hire and develop the best, the most talented and amazing people we can find.
To find the extraordinary we needed someone who has a good eye for spotting talent. We began our search by hiring someone that’s going to make sure only exceptional talent and ambition are added to our team. Our first hire was the head of people!

Meet Agnė Chushak. She’s going to be responsible for making sure that BitDegree is moving forward with only the brightest people in the industry! We’re incredibly happy to have such a talented, caring and fun person in charge of our hiring process:)

Agne’s background is in psychology, and she has been working in I.T. HR for four years. She’s a big fan of Marvel films, yellow M&Ms, and her guilty pleasure is binge-watching TV series. She’s also keen on Lindyhop and acting.

The second member to join our team was Adomas Aleksandravičius. He’s going to be our Head of Business Development. Adomas is making sure that the BitDegree platform is home to the best courses available today. Making connections, forming partnerships and making sure that our community has access to the best possible education that’s on the market right now is his mission :). Adomas had the chance to work at such international companies as Google and EY. Here’s a short introduction:

Citizen of the World — I am Lithuanian who studied in Latvia. I studied in a Swedish university that taught their courses in English. After my studies, I came back to Lithuania to work for a British company. After a few years, I relocated to Ireland to work for Google and did some international projects in the US, the Philippines, and the UK.

Adomas on his motorbike trip through Vietnam

We’re incredibly happy to have Adomas and Agnė on our team. The BitDegree journey has only started, we’re at the very beginning of our mission to change the world. Forming a fantastic team that’s a pleasure to be around and to learn from is going to lay a strong foundation for BitDegree. With so much talent in one place, we’re confident in the product we’re producing!

Follow BitDegree on social media (Twitter, Facebook), and you are always welcomed to come and have a chat with us LIVE on our Telegram :). We’ve also started a new Telegram channel reserved for latest news only, so if you’re always interested in the latest BitDegree news, you can join here!

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