BitDegree attends the BEF 2018 conference!

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Blockchain Economic Forum (BEF) is a conference held in Singapore. The goal of BEF is to bring blockchain enthusiasts together and allow everyone to share their experiences. Participants gather and discuss the benefits of the blockchain technology in various fields such as education, finances, healthcare, etc. Just some of the participants include Vicente Fox (ex-president of Mexico), Jeff Burton, two professors of UPenn & Wharton, Toni Lane Casserly the Co-founder of Coin Telegraph and Miko Matsumura of Pantera Capital. With so many open-minded people attending and sharing their vision, ideas, experiences, and knowledge we thought it would be a great place to share our vision too!

We felt like it’s truly a marvelous opportunity to have a chat with everyone who’s so invested in the blockchain technology and present BitDegree as a blockchain solution in the field of education! During the panel on social impact, our advisor Jeff Burton had the chance to present BitDegree, our goals and our mission to all of the participants. Jeff explained how BitDegree could positively impact the personal and professional growth of so many people that traditional education simply cannot reach. The exposure and all of the assertive feedback we’ve received has been incredible! With so many influential figures attending the conference, it’s a wondrous possibility to forge new partnerships and widen the reach BitDegree has. The BitDegree team had extensive discussions with numerous potential partners from Asian countries. We were especially interested in accessing the Asian markets and developing content together.

It has been an eye-opening experience to participate in an event where so many people come to learn. Seeing crypto veterans teach newcomers, entrepreneurs pitch ideas, and people share their collective knowledge. We believe that, just like cryptocurrency, education should be borderless and global. Everyone should have a chance to educate themselves and contribute to the education of others. The conference is still ongoing therefore there’s still much left to do. However, we will try to share our experiences and keep you updated!

As always, if you have any questions related to the BitDegree project we welcome you to come and have a chat via Telegram. If you want to keep up with the latest BitDegree news, please follow us on our social media and our blog.

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