BDG will be added to HitBTC

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We are excited to announce that BitDegree will soon (first half of March) be listed on the HitBTC exchange platform.

We have listened to our community and recognized that more exchanges are necessary. We want to provide our contributors with more freedom and liquidity. We’re not rushing these listings and are gradually working our way up. We understand that different exchange platforms are more convenient for different people and we’re continuing our work by getting BDG listed on more exchange platforms.

HitBTC is amongst the TOP 10 exchange by daily trade volume. Having BDG listed on HitBTC is an excellent opportunity for us and our contributors. We’ve got more updates on our platform and courses coming this week. We release monthly updates on the last day of every month. Don’t miss it! We’ll be answering a lot of community questions that we’ve got over this past month.

We thank our community for their patience and faith that they’ve put into the team.

Follow BitDegree on social media (Twitter, Facebook), and you are always welcomed to come and have a chat with us LIVE on our Telegram :). We’ve also started a new Telegram channel reserved for latest news only, so if you’re always interested in the latest BitDegree news, you can join here!

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