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As part of BitDegree pledge, we’ve promised that BitDegree tokens will have a fixed value in exchange to Hostinger services for the first year.

As the crowdsale ended December 28th, 2017, 19:10 (UTC) the fixed value was calculated based on the average value of 1 ETH at same moment as crowdsale ended on the 5 most popular exchanges:

  • Bittrex: 1 ETH = 683 USD
  • Bitfinex: 1 ETH = 711.74 USD
  • Poloniex: 1 ETH = 692.002 USD
  • GDAX: 1 ETH = 692.158807 USD
  • Bithumb: 1 ETH = 723.25 USD
  • Total average = 700.38 USD

Taken these values in account we’ve calculated the average, which determines the value of BDG token in exchange for Hostinger services for the 1st year:

10 000 BDG = 1 ETH = (683 USD +711.74 USD + 692.002 USD + 692.158807 USD + 723.25 USD) / 5 = 700.38 USD

This means that 1 BDG = 0.0700376 USD

Your tokens will be exchangeable in equivalent to Hostinger services to the fixed price for the first year.


Imagine John has participated in BitDegree crowdsale and spent 1 ETH. He received 10 000 BDG tokens. On the crowdsale date it was worth approx 700 USD (based on our calculations).
John will be able to spend his BDG tokens on Hostinger services starting from February 2018. For John it does not matter what the current price of BDG token is on exchange market. John can spend his BDG tokens that are worth approx 700 USD on Hostinger services without worrying about the market price.

Illustration of John participating in the ICO

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us using, or drop in for a chat on Telegram.

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