Announcing Additions to Advisory Board: George Li, Min H. Kim, Carl Whitley

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The weekend prior to our token sale started with INS Ecosystem receiving maxed-out credibility and attractiveness scores from major rating agencies, and new manufacturers joining us by signing MoUs. Now, we are excited to announce three additions to our Advisory Board. Here, we share the profiles.

George Li is a serial entrepreneur with a strong strategic and operational background. Today, he is the Co-Founder and CEO of, a decentralised collaborative lending and insurance platform. His core expertise is in leveraging blockchain and cutting edge technology to improve traditional finance. Previously with McKinsey and Google bizops & strategy teams, George Li served technology to pharmaceutical and industrial clients, analyzed future production footprint and investments required to operate it.

Min H. Kim is a bizdev and networking expert. At the moment, she is Head of BD at the Bee Token, a blockchain-based platform that decentralizes the Airbnb model and revitalizes the travel industry. In addition, Min H. Kim is the Founder of Blocultural Studios that connects blockchain startups with investors and hosts industry-specific events. Prior to both projects, she worked with the co-founders of Civic, a decentralized platform for identity protection, as Chief Of Staff, and promoted Tim Draper’s blockchain-related initiatives as a Marketing & Partnerships Associate at the Draper University.

Carl Whitley is a legal expert with 15 years of professional career. Today, he is a a lawyer at JPMorgan Chase Bank where he advises on commercial, IP, procurement, regulatory, privacy and technology legal issues. Previously, he had four in-house roles and worked with businesses in Europe, the Middle East, APAC and the United States on a broad range of legal, commercial and operational aspects for such companies as Mayer Brown International, Cognos, IBM and General Mills.

We at INS Ecosystem are honoured to have:

  • George Li as our Strategy Advisor
  • Min H. Kim as our Investor Relations Advisor
  • and Carl Whitley as our Legal Advisor

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