An update on exchanges!

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We’ve recently had a survey on the BitDegree twitter channel regarding what sort of news the community would be most interested in hearing. There was a fascinating split, but exchanges seem to be quite a hot topic as of right now, so it’s time to deliver! 🙂

As of today, the BDG tokens are listed on Nexchange, IDEX, Tidex, EtherDelta and CobinHood exchange platforms. However, we understand that these options aren’t ideal for everyone, so we’re continually working our way up and getting BDG listed on more substantial and more convenient exchanges. We’re always thrilled to share more news and show the community that their opinions matter. CobinHood is a recent listing and trading started only today (February 8th).

We have also filled out the form for exclusive listing. We’ve applied for a listing a week or so ago, however; they seem to be backed up by requests, and none of the given listing time-windows apply. We expect the listing to happen soon, but this solely depends on how fast YoBit can process our application now.

Another requested exchange was Kucoin; we contacted them quite some time ago, and the only response we’ve gotten was “Please wait.” so sorry for the lack of updates regarding this, but we’re still waiting :).

Binance community coin of the month competition is coming up, and we know how much the community wants for BitDegree to be on Binance, so we’ll do our best and participate. If Binance chooses to accept our application and list BDG tokens as one of the competitors, we’ll need strong community support to win the vote! We understand how important this competition is for the BitDegree platform and our contributors. As the vote date nears and we know for sure that BDG can compete. We plan to launch a marketing campaign and donate 0.1 BNB to our supporters so that everyone would have a chance to participate. We’re also going to make written and video guides on how to vote.

More updates on courses and partnerships are coming in the near future. Stay tuned, stay awesome and a huge thank you to everyone who supports us!

Follow BitDegree on social media (Twitter, Facebook), and you are always welcomed to come and have a chat with us LIVE on our Telegram :). We’ve also started a new Telegram channel reserved for latest news only, so if you’re always interested in the latest BitDegree news, you can join here!

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