2 MoUs Signed: Henri and 100%eco Will Join the INS Platform

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The objective of Direct-To-Consumer model is to facilitate the dialogue between manufacturers and consumers. We are thrilled to see new DtC-partnerships forming to creatively address the problem of middlemen, and welcome the interest from manufacturers that strive to produce best quality products and directly deliver them to their end consumers.

Today, we are proud to announce two MoUs signed to participate in the first global grocery ecosystem powered by the INS Platform:

  • Henri, a Dutch manufacturer, have been operating since 1979. The company started from delicious soups and later expanded into ready-made meals. Henri’s clients vary from national catering chains to large retail organizations, nursing homes and eateries.
  • 100%eco, a wholesaler operating as a Cascades distributor in the Netherlands. The company specializes in sustainable hygiene and offers products that minimize the environmental impact. Cascades, Canada HQ, is a multinational company that produces and markets packaging and tissue products. Today, it employs more than 11,000 people.

On the INS Platform, manufacturers will be able to list products and sell them at their own price. The platform will provide the infrastructure necessary for full-fledged trading and communication. Apart from that, manufacturers will be able to unlock and fully leverage the potential of Direct-To-Consumer model by creating networked loyalty programs powered by INS tokens.

To date, we have signed MoUs with global FMCG manufacturers, local suppliers and farmers from around the world. Their interest confirms the need for a decentralized ecosystem that would directly connect grocery manufacturers and consumers on a secure and reliable platform.

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