000webhost served as “massive help” in launching Ethos CEO’s career

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Last Friday, we’ve announced our new and exciting partnership with Ethos — a blockchain-based cryptocurrency platform also known as Bitquence that will create an “Introduction to Crypto and Cryptocurrencies” course on the BitDegree platform.

However, the story between BitDegree and Ethos runs deeper than our recent working relationship. Shingo Lavine, Ethos CEO and co-founder, is a former user of 000webhost’s free web hosting services, provided by BitDegree’s main partner and co-founder, Hostinger.

“I used 000webhost to teach myself a lot about programming. When I was in middle school I took an online course about HTML and CSS and used that knowledge to teach myself Javascript. I needed a development environment to interact with, however, I didn’t really have any budget. 000webhost let me dip my toes into web development without any commitment which was a massive help in letting me practice my fundamental programming skills very early on. These skills have served me very well and are still relevant to me today as the CEO of Ethos.” — S. Lavine

As well as his CEO role at Ethos, Shingo is an internationally recognized expert & thought leader in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Being only 19 years old, he is already a published author of ‘Democratizing Cryptocurrency’. The young and talented entrepreneur is keen to making the crypto market accessible to the public and putting its power back to the hands of people.

According to Shingo, the skills he learned at 000webhost played a huge role of him developing the competence needed to understand Bitcoin around the time of its introduction in 2009.

“I learned about Bitcoin back when it was very little known and when the user experience was not as clean and required more technical knowledge. In that way, 000webhost was very helpful. 000webhost didn’t directly introduce me to cryptocurrencies, but as I stated before, it was immensely helpful in learning the core skills that I needed to launch my computer science skillset.” — S.Lavine

000webhost was created in 2007, with the goal to enable people all around the world to unlock the power of internet, by providing them with the necessary tools and environment to freely learn online.

Since then, the project has scaled to global level, attracted more that 17 million users worldwide and played an important role in creation of BitDegree.

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