⚡️INS Ecosystem ICO is Live! Day 1 Promo Code + “How to Buy INS Tokens” Guide

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INS Ecosystem ICO is Live: tokensale.ins.world

Buy on Day 1 to Collect All Available Bonuses

Apply promo code “DAY1” to collect an extra 10% bonus! Get up to 35% BONUS in total (405 INS tokens per 1 ETH).

Watch How ot Buy INS Tokens and Pass KYC


Please, let us know if you have any questions regarding the contribution process. Feel free to contact us via our official Telegram Group or Live Chat Widget on Token Sale platform.

500 hoodies to the first 500 participants

Hurry up — we will be distributing 500 branded INS Ecosystem hoodies to the first 500 participants. Minimum contribution size of 10 ETH required. Hoodies will be distributed after the ICO is completed.

500 branded hoodies for the first 500 participants

5 quick facts about INS Ecosystem and our progress:

  1. 7 global FMCG manufacturers and 500+ in total have already signed MoUs and are interested in selling their products via the INS Platform
  2. We have assembled a 35-strong team. Previously with Goldman Sachs, IBM, Rothschild and PwC, it includes top industry experts.
  3. Our Advisory Board boasts a star-studded line up of technology leaders such as Eyal Hertzog (Bancor), Michael Terpin (CoinAgenda) and more.
  4. We pitched INS Ecosystem at 9 conferences across the world and received support from institutional investors.
  5. ICOTracker, Smith+Crown and HypeCodes listed INS Ecosystem token sale with positive rating. ICORating has issued LOW Risk-Score, VERY HIGH Hype-Score and documented their opinion.

INS Ecosystem: Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, MediumWeb

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